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google-plus-vs-facebookThe latest addition to the ever-growing world of social media is the social networking site, Google+. Most cannot go to their current social networks, Twitter or Facebook, without seeing at least one tweet or status update about the new social networking venture by Google called, Google+.

To use Google+ is by invite only, but eventually it will be opened to the public. Many may still be wondering how this social network stacks up against one of the most popular social sites, Facebook. In the infographic below, created by TechnoBombs compares the features from each of these social networks and may help in deciding how Google+ measures up.


It’s inevitable that Google+ will change and grow overtime, but what do you think of Google+ so far?



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4 comments on “Google+ Vs. Facebook Features (Infographic)

  1. Quakerninja

    Of the three features, circles, sparks, and hangouts, I like circles the best. Beeing able to add people to more then one circle, gives list management, a possible folder structure which I think will be very useful to manage a growing list of contacts. It also makes growing a list a lot faster then the slower press and and wait a few hrs or weeks method other sites use. I’m loooking at you facebook grrrrr. I am one of those rare open book type of users, so I would warn people that if you want to maintain a low profile and be picky about what get’s shared and with who. Google+ is not for you. It is very open, and like any site don’t post anything you don’t want to be public ok.
    I like the potential of sparks (google+ version of a dig like link directory without the option to rate) comeing soon I hope. I, and most active users have collected a large varity of bookmarks, but there still isn’t a good way to share them all. It’s one at a time shareing, or a link to a place where the bookmarks are accesible to others. I think sparks could be a good tool in the future, but right now I don’t find much useful content, and it’s unclear how that content is generated, curated, and added too.

    The final feature is hangouts. See what I said about being an open book. If you are the not at all shy sort I think video chat is a great way to put a face to the avatars, and really connect with people. It can also become an NSFW nightmare like chat roulete or many of the other (OMG I wish this wasn’t video) sites.

    I think google has leanred a lot of valuable lessons from there other failed social attempts. Remember google wave, and buzz (shudders) I think the closed beta is a very good idea, but the true test will be how people react when something terrible goes wrong. Heaven forbid.

    It’s easy to get to comfortable in one place on the internet, and I think it’s a good idea to have a presence in lots of locations, so long as you can manage it all.
    But there is nothing wrong with haveing a home base. You worked hard to build that internet home so enjoy it. There is no pressure to join google+ and don’t feel like you are missing out on anything.

    Great article Amanda. See you on the goog

    1. Amanda Ryan Post author

      Loving this comment Daniel especially the part about “making a home on the internet”. I completely agree with the fact that people must be careful when sharing info on the web even if they think no one will see it. I feel that both Facebook and Google+ offer great features which will suite the needs of the majority of people, for not everyone will like what Facebook offers, nor will they like everything Google+ offers either, but hopefully having both will offer a great mix for everyone to use. I find the only thing that really makes Google+ stand out right now is the “Hangout” feature. This is a great tool for businesses and will obviously evolve as time goes on. New additions will be added to Google+ as it will eventually be opened to the public and as that happens, new additions will also be added to Facebook, I’m sure. It is certainly intriguing to see who will come up with the next greatest thing in the social networking world :) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Christine Senter

    I’ve only been with Google+ for a couple weeks, but I’m really enjoying it so far. I like it for it’s clean appearance and for the networking I’ve already been able to do. I’ve even found a couple of former clients that I might gain more employment from in the future.
    There’s still alot that Facebook has and Google+ doesn’t, but that’s okay. I’m still having fun just exploring my options with the new site.

    1. Amanda Ryan Post author

      Awesome Christine! I too have been on Google+ for a couple weeks and still trying to feel it out :) Thanks for sharing!

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