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Twitter-quantity-and-quality-followersThere has been some debate and confusion as to how many followers one should have on Twitter, as well as, to the quality one puts out when tweeting. It seems that many are looking for a magic number to solidify their importance and/or ranking on this social network, but does it really matter how many followers one has or what exactly it is they are tweeting about?

Yes and Yes, but it may not be what you are thinking.

Twitter is a social network that is used by many to share thoughts, opinions, and views, among other things, but what actually keeps this social site popular are the conversations and connections created from these contributions.

It is simple enough to say that “quality is better than quantity” or that one is more important than the other, but in actuality it is more complicated than that. Many Twitter users assume that the higher the number of followers they have and the more tweets they share the better. This would mean that quantity is viewed to be more important. While others might argue that it is what you tweet to your followers that is essential, which suggests that quality is the better choice. The saying, “Quality vs. Quantity” is usually looked at as a “one or the other” type of statement, but how about if we scratch that standard viewpoint and see it for what it really is, a fine balancing act.  The truth is, Twitter users need both Quality AND Quantity to get the most out of using this social networking site.

3 Ways in Understanding How to Balance Quality AND Quantity of Both Your Followers and Tweets on Twitter:

First, users must grasp the main reason as to why they are using Twitter. Is it for business? Sharing with friends? Connecting with colleagues, etc.? After discovering the main purpose, the focus can now be placed on the kind of information being shared within tweets and with whom they are being shared with.

1. Quality AND Quantity Followers – Search for followers who are using Twitter for the same reason(s) as to why you are using it. If you’re a designer, photographer, writer, musician, etc. then follow those with the same interest(s) to yours – like other musicians, writers, etc. (Quality). This will not only help in gaining more followers (Quantity), but it will also provide you with followers that will be more willing to converse, re-tweet, and share your tweets with others due to having common interests.

5 Helpful Tools to Find Quality and Quantity Followers:

There are many ways to find quality followers, but here are just a few.


Just Tweet It

Friend or Follow

2. Quality AND Quantity Tweets: Part I – The Style of a Tweet- The next step is to figure out the style of tweets in which you want to share with followers. The only real way of knowing what kind of tweets you want to send, is by going back to the main reason as to why you are using Twitter in the first place. For instance, if you are a photographer and your main purpose for using twitter is to share your work, photographs, and knowledge about photography then the type of tweets you share will be focused around doing just that (Quality). Followers will then look to your tweets to get the information they are looking for about photography (or whatever your main purpose is) which helps in gaining new followers and in keeping existing ones (Quantity).

3. Quality AND Quantity Tweets: Part II – Tweet with a Purpose – The third step is to know how many tweets to send out per day. This depends; for it is solely reliant on what it is you want or have to share. There is no real point in sticking to a specified number, for what is the purpose of tweeting just to tweet? Be sure when you send out a tweet that there is a purpose to it.

Some things to think about when sending a tweet to your followers: What is its purpose?

  • Whose attention am I trying to grab from this tweet? – Is its purpose for Business or is it Personal or Both?
  • What audience from within my followers am I trying to target with this tweet?
  • Are you trying to make your followers laugh with a humorous tweet?
  • Do you want to share knowledge or information about a particular topic?
  • Are you spreading the word about a blog or article?
  • Are you sharing a picture, video, or creation?
  • Are you informing followers about a “step-by-step” procedure, infographic, or a “How-To”?
  • Are you asking a question or wanting your followers’ opinions?
  • Are you trying to start a conversation?

Of course these are just a few suggestions and in no particular order, but in discovering the main purpose as to why you are tweeting will help in the way you structure that tweet. With only having 140 characters to work with per tweet; how you word it changes the way in which people react or respond to it because they will then know what it is you are asking of them. Again, it all depends on the purpose of the tweet. In doing this, it will help in gaining and retaining the attention of your followers (Quality) and in increasing the amount of quality followers one has over time (Quantity).

As you can see, both Quality AND Quantity are important in how you use Twitter. Know your audience by searching out who follows you and give your tweets a purpose, for just as important as what you share, is with whom you are sharing it with. Send quality tweets to quality followers and the quantity will not be too far behind. With every tweet remember, Quality is just as important as Quantity and vice versa because there is no point in sending out quality tweets, if the quantity of quality followers are not there to receive them.


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6 comments on “Twitter Tweets and Followers: Quality vs. Quantity, or Is It?

  1. Newman

    It wasn’t easy but I trimmed down my list. Thanks for all the great links and tips Amanda.
    You Rock.

  2. Amanda Ryan Post author

    Hey Daniel! Glad to hear that you found this article useful! It can definitely take some time to weed out those followers who do not contribute to the quality and quantity of the twitter experience, but it certainly does help make it a better one when it is all said and done. Thanks so much for sharing :) YOU ROCK!

  3. bbrian017

    I personally don’t care how lazy, poor quality mo followers are. I have way better things to do with my time then to even contemplate these things. I simply use twitter for what it is and that’s a a marketing tool. I tweet my members content and have even been told I tweet to much.

    Ironically I’ve probably twitted that person stuff as well, but I bet it wasn’t to many tweets in a day when it was their content. this is just the way it works and I’m fine with that. I have an auto tweet plugin I use so when anything is published to the blog Engage main site it’s automatically tweeted.

    The issue is I sometimes have 5 or 6 articles in a row that are published and the software posts 6 links in a matter of second. I guess if I had one concern that this would be it.

    None the less I think for anyone that enjoys twitter and wants to make the best out of it this article is going to help them tons.

  4. Amanda Ryan Post author

    Hey Brian! I completely understand what you are saying about auto sending tweets and the truth is that it seems your main purpose for using that twitter acct. is to share articles from the Blog Engage community, which actually coincides with this article. I’m also assuming that you most likely follow and have followers from the Blog Engage community which helps with the theory of incorporating both quantity and quality when using Twitter. I wouldn’t agree with the person/people who told you that you tweet too much because like this article says – it should not matter how much you tweet but what it is that you are tweeting and how it matches your main purpose to why you use twitter in the first place. I truly appreciate your feedback and want to thank you for sharing your experiences with us!

  5. Nishadha

    I don’t think there is one correct way to use Twitter, there are so many ways you can use Twitter. In the end what matters is you get what you want from the service. I used to follow everyone and retweet and autotweet etc but didn’t get much from the service. Then I cut down the number of people I follow to a minimum, tweeted only very important tweets and focused on my main ares of SEO in Twitter. Within days I got some new projects from Twitter :-) and my followers are increasing as well.

    1. Amanda Ryan Post author

      Hey Nishadha! I agree! Twitter can be used in many ways and am so glad to hear that your quality and quantity on Twitter has increased. It is important to place focus on quality followers and tweets and in you sharing that the quantity has also gone up since weeding out followers and in sending out important tweets, just shows that BOTH are essential when using Twitter. Thanks so much for sharing :)

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