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twitter-advertismentsTwitter is reportedly looking to introduce advertisements into users’ timelines to generate revenue from audiences on this popular social site. Thus far, Twitter has failed at being successful in making money from their networking services, in comparison to other similar social sites such as Facebook.

Last year, Twitter introduced “promoted tweets” to its users, where promoted tweets appear when users type in relevant search terms using Twitter’s search. However, Twitter’s controversial move of placing “promoted tweets” in the main “stream” is likely to feel some-what intrusive to its users who have become comfortable with how the service has been unobtrusive in their advertising throughout its 5 year history.

Since this has not been set in stone as of yet, Twitter is looking at other ways to generate revenue; some discussions of other possibilities include providing deals in a similar style as the site Groupon, which combines consumer demand for time-limited specific offers. Another way is in offering enhanced profile pages for businesses and brands, plus providing media management tools like pre-scheduling 140 character tweets for advertisers.

The big question is… will it work?

Many people who tweet no longer go to the direct link of Twitter; instead, they use applications and other platforms, such as TweetDeck, to send their tweets. This could have caused an issue in trying to boost revenue by placing Ads in a timeline that many are no longer visiting, however, on May 25th of this year, Twitter acquired TweetDeck and this could be one of the many reasons as to why. So it just might work after all, but will users embrace such a change? That could be a whole other story.

Do you think by Twitter placing Ads in users’ timelines to boost its revenue is a good or bad idea?


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