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winning-and-losing-social-networksThe social networks we hear about most are Twitter and Facebook, but it seems there are many other social sites grabbing our attention and some that are not. Ignite Social Media created a very informative infographic (shown below) which showcases some interesting statistics about the different groups who are using social media and which social networks they tend to use most. The background data for the infographic came from Google and was mostly found through Google Insight for Search and Google Ad Planner.

Although many social networks want to be the number one choice, the statistics show that only some are on the rise, while others are declining. Which social sites are the winners and losers amongst the well-educated, the rich, different age groups, men, and women? What are the 5 winning and the 5 losing social networks overall? Let’s discover each of them.


Which of the social networks, shown in the infographic, do you use most?


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2 comments on “10 Social Networks That Are Winning And Losing (Infographic)

  1. Ileane

    Hey Amanda, that’s a powerful Infographic. So many social sites are popular outside of the US that we miss some of these sites. Thanks for sharing them!

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