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when-is-social-media-relevantFor many years, businesses relied heavily on commercials, billboards, and catchy jingles to sell their brand and products. It used to be that customers had to listen or see what businesses had to offer, but could never truly engage with one. Social media has changed all that… or has it?

Now-a-days, many people would be shocked to hear that some businesses still cannot be found on social networking sites, like Facebook. Customers may change their decision in purchasing products or shopping with them all together because of it. Some may feel this is preposterous, in thinking that one would give up shopping with a business, due to the fact that they do not have a Twitter account. The truth is that most customers no longer want to be told about a product or upcoming sale without having the choice to talk about it with the people behind the business.

Social media has truly changed the way in which consumers think about how businesses should market themselves, after all, it is them whom they are marketing to. Customers feel that without a way to connect with a brand then maybe the business has something to hide or maybe they don’t value their opinions after all. Whichever way it is looked at, neither is good for a business.

There are still businesses out there that have yet to get on the social media train, but as always, there is a reason for it. Some companies may think they just do not need it, for their current marketing strategies have worked for them, or the online exposure is not wanted, for their brand is already getting enough. The biggest reason could be that they just do not think that social media is relevant to their business, but when exactly is social media relevant and how is it decided when it is?social_media_relevancySome people may feel that their favorite grocery store does not need to have a Facebook page and neither does their bank need a Twitter account; while others, may feel the exact opposite. When figuring out the relevancy of using social media to market a business, what key factors are looked at? Must a business sell a specific product or offer a special sale in order to make using social sites as a marketing strategy, relevant?

Social media relevancy can be looked at, scrutinized, and debated, with many great opinions coming from either side, but maybe using social media only when it is relevant to your business, is not relevant at all, rather, using social media for a business is needed in order to be relevant.

Gone are the days of solely using ads, sale pitches, and clever coupons. Consumers want engagement, communication, and the ability to be heard. It is social media that allows customers to do this, but only if your business is there, otherwise, it just may be your competitor with whom they take their business to.

YOU Decide: When Is Social media Relevant?

Do you think social media should only be used if it is relevant to a business or do you think that every business should be using social media in order to be relevant?

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