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twitter-hiding-tweetsIt seems the popular micro-blogging site, Twitter, has been playing hide-n-go seek with our tweets. Twitter has been experimenting with a new feature that hides excessive tweets from followers, with the option to click on a link that allows users to “show all” of the tweets that were hidden. The actual date of when this began is still unknown. At this current time, it is being tested with only a small percentage of users, which may explain why most of us have yet to see it; and it is still unclear as to when it will to roll out to everyone.

However, there may be a problem with this latest feature. Twitter was made to let others know “What’s Happening?” in our daily lives. Its purpose is to send messages quickly and in a short amount of time. From the sounds of it, this new feature will hide tweets that do just that. It would be understandable if Twitter was only selecting to hide those tweets that were similar in kind and sent out by the same users, but it looks like it is targeting what they consider to be the “excessive” tweeters rather than those who constantly tweet the same thing. Does this not conflict with why most of us use Twitter in the first place?

To some degree, we all are excessive tweeters, for most of us do not count to ten before we send out our next tweet. It may be acceptable for Facebook to hide messages, since too many status updates is frowned upon, but having this feature for Twitter seems to contradict its sole purpose, doesn’t it?

On the plus side, this feature may be less of an issue for those following larger number of people, for the chances of their tweets appearing in the news feed back to back is unlikely. For the rest of us, I guess we must wait until we reach those numbers in order for our tweets to be seen.

Do you think hiding tweets is a good idea, even if Twitter is hiding what they consider to be “excessive”?


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