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content-is-kingThe amount of registered users on the popular social site, Twitter, continues to grow at a rapid pace and so does the amount of content shared within Tweets. Users often miss information shared by many of whom they are following, especially when the number of people within that group, proceeds to grow.

Being inundated by “link-filled” tweets baring  no interest to you, should not be your twitter experience. It is important to many, to continuously discover new and interesting content and to also have the ability to filter out what is and is not relevant to them, however, this is not easy to do on twitter.

The website,, shows users that twitter is more than just a communication platform, it is also a way to discover relevant content. Chris Wills, the founder of Marketing For Mavens, built ReStream to give users the ability to find and filter content shared on twitter, to better fit their interests.

ReStream uses several twitter lists to filter content and the lists are found under the following topics:

Topics Include:

Easily log-in to ReStream using a twitter account, to begin experiencing the popular social site and all of it’s tweeting content, in a whole new way. Using tags, twitter favorites, lists (like the ones shown above), and a feature unique to ReStream, called, FavMe, articles are recommended based on interests; and users can also choose to follow people, who have shared content, on twitter. This helps in building your twitter following and people will more than likely retweet your content. As for your privacy, information is only used to best match content based on your interests, as stated on the their website.

Finding interesting, useful, helpful, and relevant content on Twitter, has never been easier. Make your following a more focused group of people and share information that starts the conversation, with the help of ReStream. For content really is king, but only if it’s relevant to you!

Will you use ReStream to filter your Twitter content?


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