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facebook-newsfeed-settingsFor months now, Facebook has quietly changed what users see in their news feeds. Many of us may think that everything we “like” and everyone we “friend” on this social site, automatically appears in our news feed, but in actuality, Facebook has changed it so that we only see news from those we interact with most. Shocker!

To some degree, it makes sense to have our news feed more suited to each of us, but some find it annoying that Facebook thinks it knows what each of us deems to be relevant and then uses it to decide what should and should not appear in our feeds.

Many users actually use Facebook for things other than to socialize, another shocker, I know, but some visit the site to read what others are doing, to play games; and may not socialize very often, if at all. With that said, how can Facebook really decide what users want showing up in their news feed? Some want it all!

However, there is a solution to those who want everything and everyone showing up in their feed; and to change the settings back to the way it used to be is very simple to do, even if it is a bit irritating that we have to do it in the first place.

How To: 4 Easy Steps To Change Your Facebook Settings To Display “Everything” In Your News Feed:

  1. Login to Facebook
  2. Click on “Most Recent” (at top of news feed)
  3. Click “Edit Options”
  4. From the drop down located beside “Show Posts From”, choose “All of Your Friends and Pages”

(This can also be done by clicking on “Edit Options at the very bottom of  your news feed)

change-facebook-newsfeed-settingsIt may not always be easy to keep up with the many changes that happen on Facebook, but at least you are now able to take back control of what you want your news feed to display and these 4 easy steps help you do just that. After all, it is us who should be deciding what and who we socialize with.

Did you know about this Facebook change? Will you be changing your news feed settings now?


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2 comments on “Dear Facebook: Please Leave Our News Feeds Alone

  1. Diane

    I hadn’t known about this latest change. You’re absolutely right. What works for one doesn’t work for all. Facebook really needs to put the focus back on developing and improving their options for people to choose from, rather than choosing for us. Simply informing their users of this new feature would’ve been more than sufficient. I’m going to change my settings right now!

    1. Amanda Ryan Post author

      Hey Diane! Great points! It would be nice to be informed about these changes and also about how to change them back when they are first launched rather than later on down the road. Glad this article helped you :) Thanks for commenting and your support is fantastic!

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