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what-customers-want-from-businessesCustomers are constantly learning new ways of introducing themselves to businesses using social networking sites like, Facebook or Twitter. Many consumers turn to these social networks to find information about specific products and/or services before making a purchase. However, the reason why they are turning to these sites and how they find out about your business may surprise you.

Too many companies still believe that if they set up an account on several social networks, then the customers will come. There is definitely more to it than that. First, a great many potential customers will go to their social profile or account to find recommendations from peers about your company. Many wonder what their friends or friends of friends have been saying about your brand. If interested in what has been said, customers will then turn to your business page within the social networking site. Once there, potential customers will then examine how much interaction has been happening within that page and for how long. Although, this may not be intentional and most likely done subconsciously, most people still do it.

At this point, business owners might be asking the question, “What are they looking for?” Potential customers want to discover true engagement. They are looking to see if those following or liking your business page or account are involving themselves in actual conversations with your company and vice versa. The reason for this is that most people base future behaviors on past ones, thus, if you are not engaging with those already a part of your community, what is the likelihood you will engage with them.

It is not that consumers want to sit and chat for no good reason; there is a purpose to wanting your business to engage in conversations. Customers realize that companies, who are actively involved with those on their business page, will be more than likely willing to listen to what they have to say as well. Most want to know that there questions, comments, and suggestions will be heard. No longer do customers want to sit on hold with a customer service representative in order to get an answer from your company. Consumers want companies to listen and respond, in a timely manner, with little to no hassle at all. It is no secret that people in general, want to feel appreciated, recognized, and important; your customers want the exact same from your business and nothing less.

businesses-on-social-networksCustomers do not want to be constantly told about sales, products, and services. They want to be able to talk with you and not to be talked at. It is difficult for some businesses to understand this, but customers cannot really respond to a drop of a link or a pushy salesperson. Consumers like to get to know the people behind the business or the personality of the brand. They want to answer questions, learn tips and tricks, as well as, see photos or videos of those who make up the company. It is alright, at times, to discuss business, but be clever in how you go about it. Make your business a community people want to be a part of, come back to, and a topic worth talking to friends about.

If your business decides to join social networking sites or if you are already on them, be sure to listen, respond, and engage in conversation about many topics, not ones only related to your business, and thus, you will be giving customers what they really want.


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2 comments on “Businesses On Social Networks: What Customers Really Want

  1. Cheryl from thatgirlisfunny

    Be engaging! You’re offering the best advice ever. I have noticed recently that @UFC on twitter has been sounding like a real person and not like a company. Maybe they always have, but the point is, I’ve noticed that they sound like a real person. So, I listen like a real person. It’s so much more interesting to converse with a human being real.

    1. Amanda Ryan Post author

      Thanks Cheryl! Yes it is so true!! Actually being able to speak to the people behind a brand, company, or business makes them better doesn`t it! Really glad you enjoyed the post and thanks so much for commenting.

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