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Yahoo Search DirectMany of us already have a favorite search engine, but it’s always interesting to know when one does something different that makes us question, our current favorite search engine choice.

When placing a search query within search engines, we want it to be quick and easy. None of us want the search results to load slowly or to be the complete opposite of what we were searching for. We want them to be as precise as possible. Too many times, we have sat in front of our computers entering in search queries, scrolling down, page after page, and still not find what we were looking for. Then we reword our query in hopes of possibly getting better results, the second or third time around.

Yahoo! introduces a new way of searching that makes the search experience better. Currently in Beta, Search Direct provides users, Search Previews, Trending Searches, Rich Content, Direct Answers and Direct Results. It gives users answers and access to websites, before even completing a search query. How’s that for fast!

After typing in just a few letters within Yahoo!’s Search Direct, a drop-down appears showing top results as fast as a person can type; and answers can be found without even leaving the search box. Not only do results appear faster, but they provide real answers rather than pages filled with blue links and cover top trending searches, which are updated every ten minutes.


Starting yesterday, Search Direct is available on and on the search results page. Yahoo! will be releasing it on within a few weeks and to other markets within the coming months. This latest tool is definitely something to get excited about, for it seems, the days of frustrating searches will soon be over.

What do you think about Yahoo! Search Direct, will you use it?


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