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Twitter for BusinessMany businesses may still not know why they should incorporate Twitter into their marketing strategies, but the site, “Twitter For Business” helps in answering this question. The next question may be, what are the ways businesses can use Twitter so that it adds value to the company?  Not only can Twitter be used to spread the word about your brand; it can also help in managing your online reputation.  However, there are several steps needed to be carried out, before you do your first tweet. Let’s begin there…

10 Ways Of Using Twitter For Your Business

How To: Start Using Twitter:

When creating a Twitter account, use a Twitter name that is relevant to your business or is the name of your business. If possible, put your name on everything, this will make it easier to be discovered on the web. Once that is done, there are several steps needed to be taken that will help you best, when first starting out on Twitter.

1. Fill Out Your “Twitter Bio – Briefly say who you are and what your company offers, in doing this, people will decide right away if they are interested in following you back.

2. Add A Photo and Website Link – Add a photo to your Twitter page that best represents your business and it will help in promoting your brand. Be sure to add a link to your website for many people will not follow those who do not fill this in. People want to know who they are following and it’s easier to do this when a link is provided for them to click on.

3. Search For People With Similar Interests – Use the “Twitter’s Search” for people who have similar interests to your business and what it offers. Follow people, businesses, etc. that you want to get to know more about, or in knowing, will add value to your business. Do this on a regular basis to continue building your Twitter following. It’s also important to note that you do not have to follow everyone that follows you, again, be sure who you follow will be useful to your business.

4. Begin Tweeting – Make sure that your tweets are NOT just about your business. Mix it up! Ask questions, share tips, photos, interesting links, videos, etc. Find out the interests of your followers too. Your main goal is to get followers engaging in conversation with your business (And those conversations may not always be related to your business). For some of you, it may not make sense to talk about anything other than your business when wanting to make sales, but in actuality, potential customers want to know the people behind the company are human too and in showing this, people will become loyal to your business, thus will help in making more sales.

5. Share Content Using #hashtags – Show what information your company is interested in by adding  hashtags to the end of your tweets. Hashtags, are the number symbol, #, followed by one or two words that are related to your tweet. When using more than one word in a hashtag, be sure not to use a space or any other symbol, for it will no longer let the hashtag work. People use the “Twitter Search” tool to look for specific hashtags, like #socialmedia, #gifts, etc. and if your business  includes these kinds of hashtags within tweets, it will direct them to that’ tweet, which provides the opportunity for them to follow your business on Twitter.

  • Hashtag Do’s: #marketing, #socialnetworks, #quotes
  • Hashtag Don’ts: #marketing! #socialnetworks, #quotes1 – Those marked red are examples of what not to add.

6. Create Twitter Lists -Tell people what your business is interested in by creating Twitter lists. It will provide your followers lists of who you follow and what category they fall under.

  • Examples Of Twitter Lists: Blogs, Social Media, Businesses, etc. -If you create a list called, “Blogs” then put followers who blog, into that list.

After your Twitter account is all set-up and tweets have been sent out, it may become harder and harder to find  information to include in your tweets. Here are some ways/ideas you can use to keep your tweets fresh and interesting for your followers.

How To: Get The Most Out Of Using Twitter:

It’s important that your business gets the most out of using Twitter, here are some ways to start.

7. Have more than one person tweeting for your business. Have several people tweeting out content, this will make the tweets more diverse and reach more followers. Plus, people quit, take vacations, go on leave etc. so it’s important to have people ready to take over the account if this occurs.

8. When tweeting, ask questions that grab the attention of followers and will make them want to answer.

Example Questions 1:

“What kind of music do you enjoy most?”

“Dogs OR Cats?”

“What car do you drive?”

Remember, these questions can be asked even if it is not related to your business, but mix-in ones that are related to your business from time to time.

Example Questions 2: If you own a flower shop ask questions like:

“What is your favorite flower?”

“When was the last time you received flowers?”

“Did you stop and smell the roses today?”

Mix- in Example Questions 2 with questions from Example 1 to keep people interested and loyal to your business.

9. Besides asking questions, there will be times when you tweet about your business, make it useful. Share tips, photos, helpful videos, blog posts, and interesting links from your website. Make the information you share worth clicking on and re-tweeting. Make sure that when you do share links to write a bit about what the link entails. Do not just post the link and nothing else, for it looks unprofessional and people will most likely dismiss it.

10. Re-Tweet Followers. People like it when others share their content for it’s taken as a compliment. Again, it may feel like you shouldn’t be sharing anything that’s not relevant to your business, but you want to show that you are a part of the community and not just one who stands alone talking only about themselves.

Twitter can be helpful in building a following, branding your business, managing online reputation, marketing your brand, getting recommendations through word-of-mouth, and in finding leads. Whichever reason your business is using Twitter, it’s important to use it well. If you are thinking about using Twitter or are just starting out, these ways will start you off on the right “tweet“.

What other Twitter tips can you think of?


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