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Marketing ForumSearching the web to discover new and up-coming networking sites can result in an overwhelming amount of information. It’s a task most of us go through when wanting to connect with new people and to share the wealth of information each of us produce. Many of us have blogs or websites in which we want others to discover, but a lot of us don’t know where to share our content, other than on social sites like, Facebook, or Twitter.

Talk2U is another networking site that allows users to market themselves while connecting with like-minded people. In signing up, either using an email address or through different social networking sites, like Twitter; users can promote their ideas and work, to people from different parts of the globe.

Play games, share content, promote websites, join groups or write blog posts, are just some of the multiple features people on  Talk2U can use to connect, market, and create. It is a great platform to promote a musical band, group, special event, new business, or brand; and is useful in connecting with people outside of the regular networking sites. Create your very own Talk2U page without having any limits placed on the amount of friends you can have, or on how many videos, music or pictures to upload, which is just another great feature Talk2U provides.

If networking, promoting, marketing, or socializing is what you are looking for, this social site can help you discover people that are looking to do the same and are waiting to Talk2U.


~ Thank you Katy, aka – Stumbletwice for providing us this tip!


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