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Canadian ShoppersCanadian shoppers are always looking for the latest, greatest deals on products they wish to purchase. It hasn’t always been easy though, trying to find relevant coupons and then remembering to use them before their expiration dates. That is, if we remember to use them at all. This process has sucked the fun right out of shopping, however, shoppers love the thought of saving money, so coupons it is… or is it? What if there was a way to find the greatest deals based on your location and it was fun because social media was factored into the process?

The Canadian site,, is the “newest” way to save money and an upgrade from the traditional way of coupons. By entering in your location, it can tell you what the best “deal of the day” is and offer 50%-90% off places like, local restaurants, entertainment spots, and more. If you see something your interested in, you can buy it or sign-up.  If you want to “buy” something, you will only get it, if a minimum amount of people  have signed up for it too. This is where the social media part comes in, by sharing it with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites, the more people you have signing up for the deal you want . If the minimum sign-ups is achieved before midnight, an e-ticket will be sent to you the next day and the deal is yours.

Who said saving money couldn’t be fun?


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