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Lunch_reviews_and_recommendations_siteSocial media has provided many opportunities for it’s users that may have otherwise never existed. It has helped in connecting people from opposite sides of the world, finding out information more instantaneously, and it has allowed businesses to market their brands differently. Most users of  social media sites, log-on, update their status, and share content on a daily basis. By posting information on social sites to friends and followers, users are providing a recommendation about a specific product or brand, even if that wasn’t their initial intention. Recommendations have persuaded many of us  to “like” or “follow” a brand and have helped us in deciding whether or not to purchase a product. Peer recommendations have become even more prevalent, due to the accessibility caused by content sharing on social media sites.

However, there are times when information about a business, product or  brand, cannot be found on the usual social media sites. Sometimes such information is needed, especially if wanting to work with a specific business, purchase a product, or when wanting to learn more about an unfamiliar brand. Prior to social media, most would just go to the specific website for the information, but since the rise of social sites, people want to know the experiences others have had before making their move. Since recommendations are important, but can’t always be found on Facebook or Twitter in the time it’s needed, where does one go to get them?

The beta site, provides people a place to share experiences, find recommendations, as well as, join and create communities to connect with others. Some of the features they provide are reviews, tips, lists, polls, and ratings given to them from site members. is where users can find common interests in things that they like, love, and loathe, as well as make connections with people outside their regular peer groups. The site emphasizes on the importance of being respectful, helpful, and encouraging when sharing opinions, in order to provide other users with relevant and useful content. “The Similarity Network” is another interesting feature; which is connecting users with other users based on similarities provided through content shared on the site. sums it up best by saying, it’s “Relevant reviews by real people since for many of us, that’s what we really want when trying to discover relevant content and find the recommendations we are looking for. If you are hungry for intelligent content, helpful reviews, and resourceful communities, then it looks like it’s “– time” for you.


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