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charlie_sheen_twitterMost of us cannot turn on the television or surf the web without seeing or hearing about the troubled star, Charlie Sheen. His recent behavior and strange interviews have alerted many of us in thinking he might be having some kind of meltdown. Sheen recently lost his job from the show, Two And A Half Men and the custody of his two children. It would seem that Sheen’s popularity should be plummeting, but in actuality it’s on the rise.

Earlier this week, Charlie Sheen took over his Twitter account (@CharlieSheen) from, verified it, and then gained a million followers in just 25 hours and 17 minutes. In a sense,  the amount of followers is not too surprising, since he had two hundred thousand followers before he even sent his first tweet. However, the amount of time it took him to do it, is another story. Since gaining this many followers in such a short amount of time had not previously been done by anybody else on the popular micro-blogging site, it has set a new record with the Guinness Book Of World Records (Guess he can add this new record to the one he achieved in 2010 ,when he set the record for the highest paid actor per episode on television).

It looks like having his name constantly in the headlines and having many people poking fun at his odd behavior hasn’t hurt his online popularity, in fact, it has done just the opposite. So even though Charlie Sheen may not be “winning” in life; he’s at least “winning” on Twitter.


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