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Twitter CollaborationTwitter is known to be one of the more popular social media sites. A place to network with others, connect with people of similar interests, and to share information using only 140 characters or less. However, there is another way in which Twitter can be used that many businesses are not capitalizing on as of yet, which is, boosting collaboration in the workplace. Some companies still feel uncomfortable with using social media as a marketing tool, so it’s understandable why using Twitter as a way to build collaboration, hasn’t been acted upon. Another reason could be that most just don’t know where to start. Here are some easy ways to use Twitter to boost collaboration in the workplace.

5 Ways To Boost Collaboration Using Twitter

1. Twitter asks, “What are you doing?” as a way to get people to start sharing information. However, this is mostly directed towards those using personal Twitter accounts. To change it to be more business like, just change the question to something more relevant to your business. One such question that could be used is, “What problems are you trying to solve?” Think of  Twitter as a tool your business can use to fix problems occurring within the organization or with customers more quickly. By having those within the company answer the questions posted to Twitter, in 140 characters or less, will help in boosting collaboration amongst employees.

2. Re-tweet followers. This will help your company reach out to those with similar interests and helps it to network with potential clients and suppliers. Add your own content to the Re-tweet, like a question, to start a dialogue with followers. This will encourage your employees to connect not only with others, but with one another.

3. Tweet out tips on using your products or links to Webinars your company is having, this will keep employees up-to-date and on the same page with what’s happening within the workplace.

4. Employees can tweet best practices and ask the expertise of specialists. Be pro-active in finding the answers in a faster more efficient way with the help from colleagues which will benefit the company.

5. Bring employees together by tweeting a congratulations of  most recent hires, celebrating employee birthdays, using a service like, Twitpic to post pictures from staff parties, tweet out the “Employee Of  The Month” or by just sharing the weather. In doing any of these will also show a more personal side to your business and help your employees connect.

It may also be a good idea for companies to have social media guidelines and policies in place when social media is used in the workplace. Remember, tweets are shown publicly (unless your account is set to private) so it is important not to tweet anything that you would not want reproduced elsewhere, make sure tweets are monitored, and always put quality first, not quantity. Have your company stand out from all the rest by bringing your employees together, using Twitter.


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