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Social Networks Boost ProductivityMany businesses have embraced social media as a way to market their brands and to connect with customers. However, what some companies may not know is that social networks can also be used as a way for employees to connect with one another. Many large businesses have incorporated social networks into their workplace, but many smaller businesses have yet to get on board.

There are many benefits to using internal social networks, for instance, it can help with employee engagement, keep corporate goals on track, as well as,  keep operations running smoothly. Social Networks can also be a strategy to encourage employees to express their creative ideas and thoughts on how to better the business.

There are various social media sites, like, Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, etc. that can help companies rise above the rest, but lets go one step further and take a look at the social networks that can help company’s from the inside out.

5  Social Networks That Can Boost Productivity In The Workplace:

  1. By using an internal social network like, Microsoft Communicator,  groups can easily communicate their goals and activities with one another. This will inevitably keep the business, as a whole, strong against it’s competitors.
  2. Companies can conveniently meet with all employees by using, GoToMeeting. Businesses can hold meetings, webinars, even training sessions with this network.
  3. Jive creates instant access to documents, activities, and content. Employees can escape from emails, phone calls, etc. and collaborate all by using this business software.
  4. The social site, Central Desktop helps businesses accelerate by offering their employees a way to discuss and manage projects, all in one place.
  5. SocialCast helps employees and executives share knowledge and discover data all in real time. They also provide a mobile app that can be used for those constantly on the go, but want to stay connected.

Do YOU think social networks boost productivity in the workplace?


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2 comments on “5 Social Networks That Can Boost Productivity In The Workplace

  1. Anonymous

    I think social networks definitely have the potential to boost productivity in the workplace. Whether or not they actually raise productivity depends on motivation and company rules.

    1. Amanda Ryan

      Very true words Azzric! Social media can make a big difference if utilized right and of course used often. Great points :)

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