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Breakup ApplicationOn Tuesday February 22nd, we wrote an article informing our readers of the Facebook Breakup Application. On Wednesday the 23rd, not even 24hrs later, the “BreakUp Notifier” App was banned on Facebook. Although Facebook hasn’t yet given an official reason as to why, it was hinted around in a message sent to the app’s creator, Dan Loewenherz.

TechCrunch posted the message:

“To ensure positive user experiences on Platform, we run routine automated screens that take user feedback, machine learning and various algorithms into account and remove spammy applications. For example, if an application is making an inordinate number of stream.publish calls and receiving a large number of user reports, it may be removed by our automated systems to protect the user experience and the Platform ecosystem.”

In other words, it seems as though Facebook screened this Application and due to the large number of users, considered it to be “Spammy”. What seems to also be left out, is why they disabled Loewenherz personal Facebook account as well.

It looks like Facebook users will have to monitor their friends relationship status the old fashion way. Some users may actually be rejoicing due to this recent news, while others may still be wishing that the “Breakup Notifier” App was still on Facebook. You know what they say, “Breaking up is hard to do“.


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