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Oscars Social MediaThe relatively tedious awards show, the Oscars, has taken a different route this year; it seems they have decided to “come into the times”. By adding these new and unpredictable hosts, James Franco and Anne Hathaway, it appears the Oscars hope to connect with their audience and by incorporating Social Media, it may do just that.

The 83rd Academy Awards are less than 24 hours away and most of us probably haven’t seen all the movies nominated, while others may not even know the names of the nominees. With that said, most of us will be seeing or hearing about the Oscars this year, even if we are not tuning in to watch them.

It was obvious to predict that Social Media would be a huge part of the Academy awards airing tomorrow, since the movie “The Social Network” is nominated for “Best Picture“.  Although, intertwining celebrities and social media isn’t anything new, the Oscars are the next biggest thing to the Super Bowl and many big brands know it. From P&G to Best Buy, these brands have attached themselves to celebrities, like Jennifer Lopez and Justin Bieber, and are using their  Facebook and Twitter pages as a vehicle to hype up activities leading up to and during the event. Also, many marketers have paid $1.75 million for each 30-second slot on ABC’s telecast this Sunday.

There are also many Mobile Apps the audience can use to take part in this years award show. One such App has been suggested by the  NY Times , called the “Oscar Backstage Pass” .  By visiting the Apple’s iTunes App Store, you can download this app for only 99 cents to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You will be granted access to live streams from exclusive cameras placed throughout the Red Carpet, the Governors Ball, and the Kodak Theatre. Another great App that can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store is, “The Oscars” and it’s Free. This App allows users to make Oscar predictions and compete with their friends. It also provides a list of nominees and trailers of this years nominated films.

For those who may not be interested in mobile apps, there are other ways to get involved in this years Academy Awards show, via Social Media sites.  As a way of “rebranding” itself, JCPenney will be using their Facebook and Twitter pages to post fashions shown in their TV commercials, that will also launch their new tag-line and logo, to air during the telecast.  JCPenney hopes by posting to these social media sites it will prompt discussion amongst users about their clothes. “The consumer is the marketer,” says marketing chief Michael Boylson. “What customers say about you is more important than what you say about yourself.”

Another brand will not only be using the Academy Awards as leverage, but will also be using the highly popular show, “Dancing With The Stars” as a way to kick off their social media campaign. Dove’s VisibleCare Body Wash, will be having a contest called, “The Dove Close-Up Challenge.” The chosen winner from this contest, will be featured to dance in a Dove Commercial to air during Dancing With The Stars and will learn these steps from actress and former DWTS contestant, Jennie Garth.

If you are still searching for ways to find out more about the Oscars, Google has made it easier by creating the Oscars Search Trend Tool. This tool allows users to view Oscar Trends for the last 30 days and for all the years the Oscars have been televised.

The count-down now begins for the 83rd Academy Awards show to begin and we are all waiting to see what names will be announced after the words, “And the winner is…”. It’s time to start tweeting with the hashtag #Oscars, get out your iPhone’s, and get on your Facebook page, so that you too can take part in the glamorous awards show night of the Oscars.


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