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Facebook App***Update to Facebook App: There has been an update to the information included in this article… Read More***

Do you display your relationship status on Facebook? If so, you just might want to know about the latest Application called the, “Breakup Notifier.” Up until last week, “Married” or “Dating” were just a few of the relationship status options you could choose from on Facebook, but last Thursday, more options were added. Now included in their list of relationship statuses are, “In a civil union” and “In a domestic partnership”. With these recent additions, it’s probable that more and more people on Facebook are changing their relationship statuses and today, a new Facebook Application can help you monitor such changes.

If your Facebook crush is currently in a relationship, The “Breakup Notifier”, created by Dan Loewenher, can now notify you the second they break-up. This new Facebook application works just as it is titled, it allows you to choose which Facebook friends you wish to monitor (regarding their relationship status) and if their status changes, you will receive an email notification.

The “Breakup Notifier” can possibly make it easier for a Facebook friend to swoop in if your relationship status changes and vice-versa. So, if changing your status to “It’s Complicated” or to “Single” is a part of your Facebook activities, then it’s best you know, with this new Facebook application, your relationship is being watched.


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