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facebook or twitterThere has been an on-going debate within the social media world on which of these sites are better to use, Facebook or Twitter? With more and more businesses incorporating social media into their marketing strategies, it is interesting to know which one can be more beneficial in reaching customers. After all, the goal is to build trust and create loyalty between the business and it’s consumers with the hopes of making sales along the way. However, if the social media site being used by a company is not getting such results, then this data from SocialTwist may have your business switching social media sites.

SocialTwist has collected data from the “Tell-A-Friend” widget and created the Social Media Sharing Trends 2010 Report. This report covers the analysis of millions of referrals, who used the widget, between August 2009 to July 2010. The answers found within the report may be surprising to those actively involved in social media and may end the “Facebook or Twitter” debate.

The Social Media Sharing Trends 2010 Report, reveals the dominant social site for sharing links to be Facebook , but don’t count Twitter out just yet, for the report also finds that this networking site might be better for click-throughs.

Not surprising, Email made up for 55% of shares made, which keeps it as the largest source in referrals, however, it did lose 4% since the previous year. Social networks accounted for 24% of shares. What is surprising is that when it came to actual click-throughs it was social media that came out on top.

This very moment, businesses may be questioning how the links to their products and services are shared. At one time, email was the only way in which to share content with customers online, but if they’re not clicking on the link provided within the email, what is the point? Which leads us to our next question, if businesses do decide to use social media rather than email, as a way to share content, which networking site is better to use?

Ultimately the decision of which social media site to use is left up to the business, but in making these decisions, it doesn’t hurt to know more about how each site preforms. The first step, of course, would be to start using different social sites to find which one best suits the content you are sharing. However, it is good to know that the use of social networking sites, as a way to share links, has increased more than 10%.

Social media sites have grown in the amount of click-throughs to more than 60%, as stated in the report. In regards to referrals, Facebook made up for 78%, followed by 14.5% for MySpace, 5% for Twitter and Google-owned Orkut for 2%.

Facebook may have won the title as the best social site for sharing links, but Twitter takes the reign for the site that generates the most click-throughs. The rate, in which click-throughs occur on Twitter, is more than six times as much as that on Facebook. For every link posted on Twitter, 19.04 people clicked through to the original story and for every link shared on Facebook, it only generated 2.87 clicks.

facebook-twitter-click-through-rateThere may be many reasons as to why this occurs, but the main reason may be that Twitter is limited to 140 characters which doesn’t provide enough room to convey a lot of information, thus, the curious mind must click through to find out more. On the other hand, with Facebook, there is plenty of room to provide information which satisfies on-lookers so the need to click through is lessened. Another important factor could be in the selection of those with whom you friend/follow on each social media site and if they are chosen based on having similar interests to you or not.

Whichever site your business chooses to use should depend on what you hope the out-come to be. If it’s important that your information is shared, then from based on this report, Facebook would be the better choice, but if you want the information you share to be looked at (via click-through), then Twitter would be better.

If you’re still undecided, keep in mind that each of these social media sites are free to use and their main purpose is to spread your content. So, why not just use both.


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4 comments on “Facebook Vs. Twitter: Which Is The Better Choice For Your Business?

  1. Burtle

    First off I much prefer twitter. But companies should use both. One point I found really interesting though that I had never thought of was the curiosity factor. With twitter I really do find my self clicking through more stories just because the tweets peak my curiosity. Good post!

    1. Amanda Ryan Post author

      Hey Burtle! It is definitely hard not to be loyal to one social media site or another so I completely understand your preference being Twitter, but it definitely does depend on what the site is being used for – like a business, etc. So, I too agree with both being used by businesses because it just makes sense! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and I appreciate that you like the post! :)

  2. Tamara

    I also prefer Twitter. I like the setup. I like the fact that you can see different people and what they are talking about all at the same time. I like that it moves fast. I have made friends and made purchases from those friends on Twitter. It’s also a lot more fun to me. I don’t really care for FB, except for using it to keep in touch with family and a few friends.

    This may get me in trouble but FB feels sleazy to me for some reason. Maybe it’s because i feel they have been SNEAKY with privacy settings. Always changing them. And sending your friend list out without you asking or permitting it, because you clicked on an app. Maybe that has changed now.

    That being said, I struggle whether to start using FB for business more. Mostly because it is a hot topic and I don’t want to be stubborn and miss out on potential business. I have been contemplating for some time now. Part of it is the time factor. Yes, I could hire someone to solicit “Likes” and to keep useful content on the site. With Twitter I can do it myself and I love that.

    Thanks for the article and the stats. Now I really don’t know what to do LOL.

    1. Amanda Ryan Post author

      Hey Tamara! I appreciate your honesty!! It can be hard to get involved with another social media site, especially if you feel comfortable with the one you’re already using. You’re right, Facebook has made it difficult to trust the site sometimes, but I will look into the privacy settings and you never know, you just might see an article pop up in hopes to help you (and others like you) feel better in deciding if you want to use Facebook for business or not. Thanks so much for your comment :)

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